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Stansted Information

Stansted is situated in the north west of Essex, very near to the Hertfordshire border, with Stansted airport only being 45 minutes from London and 40 minutes from Cambridge. The central location of this airport contributes to it becoming the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom, along with the airport being well known as the home of the budget airline due to its low cost carriers, flying to around 114 destinations around Europe and further afield.

The history of Stansted is very interesting and is rich in history and culture, with the area having the only recreated Norman Motte and Bailey castle in Europe. The castle was reconstructed from the small remains of the original castle and is only a short drive or train ride from Stansted Airport. If you are in the area it is well worth a visit, especially if you are staying in one of Hotel Stansted’s featured accommodation Hotels.

Stansted airport was originally built as a military aircraft airport. It became a base for USA aircraft’s during the Second World War, and used for freight carriers. They still do have freight carriers but the holiday destination is what it is known for today.

While you are staying at one of our local Stansted Hotels why not spend some time taking in all that the surrounding area has to offer, like spending the day wandering around the beautiful Essex countryside on a number of walks available, spend the day playing golf, visiting some of the estate homes, take a day out shopping or visit the Imperial War Museum.  No matter what you choose to do while you stay in the Stansted Airport area you can be assured you will find more than enough to keep yourself and your family busy and entertained during the day as well as getting the chance to relax at one of the many restaurants or bars in the area at night.

Instead of rushing to your next flight, why not take some time out beforehand and make the trip relaxing right from the word go by booking your accommodation with Hotel Stansted and spending some time visiting the area before you fly.