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Hotel Stansted – About Us

Hotel StanstedAt Hotel Stansted we offer a range of accommodation around Stansted Airport.  We are a family run business and are part of the DeSalis group of hotels.   Within our portfolio we have guest houses and hotels to suit depending on your individual requirements.  For example if you want somewhere to stay with some nightlife nearby and great restaurants then the George in Bishops Stortford couldn’t be more central.  If however, you are a business traveler and want somewhere that you can work in the evening with a relaxed environment then the DeSalis hotel could be a great option for you.

Please do browse the Hotel Stansted website to find the accommodation for you.  We do offer a range of other services too, such as Airport Parking and a shuttle bus to and from Stansted Airport.  Some of our hotels also have fantastic restaurants on site so if you don’t want to venture out in the evening you don’t have to.

We have included a range of information about the local area, so if you want to extend your stay and enjoy some of the local attractions then check out our Stansted Information pages to find out what’s on offer locally.

At Hotel Stansted we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers great service and accommodation to suit every need.   We are experienced in the Hotel industry and use this experience to ensure that our customers enjoy their stay no matter which of our properties they are at.

We also offer a stand alone Stansted Airport Parking service, so if you don’t need somewhere to stay but want to park your car whilst you are away, then our parking solution will help take the stress out of finding suitable parking, along with saving you money compared to other parking options.  We offer a shuttle bus to and from the Airport so you don’t need to worry about taxi’s and buses.  Our parking facility is literally around the corner from the Airport itself and so you don’t have to worry about not catching your flight on time.

If there is anything else you would like to know about us or any of our properties, then please do get in touch we would love to hear from you.