Travelling Light – Packing for a Weekend Getaway to the Beach

The majority of short haul travellers from Stansted Airport find that hand luggage is quite sufficient for their needs – especially if they are only going to be away for a few days.

Here are a few of the essentials you’re going to need for a weekend getaway. There really is no need to take more clothes than you’re going to need, over-squashing your hand luggage results in everything being creased and crumpled when you arrive at your destination and you really don’t want to spend any of your precious “away” time ironing out the wrinkles.

Weekend at the Beach

During the daytime you’ll need t-shirts or cover-ups (four should do the trick), shorts (two pairs) and two

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Plane Spotting at London Stansted Airport

Unfortunately for plane spotting enthusiasts there is no official viewing zone or area at Stansted Airport so, not to be deterred, here are a few tips on how and where to get the best vantage points for spotting and photographing planes at the airport.

This can make a very interesting hour or two for anyone staying overnight at one of the fantastic Stansted Hotels with a few hours of daylight left before they snuggle down for the night ready to continue along their journey. Even people who have not been plane spotting before can have an enjoyable time spotting the different planes as they take-off and land at the airport.

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Keeping the Kids Amused

Even on short haul flights you may find a problem keeping your children amused. It’s not very often that lively children have to sit in such a confined space for a couple of hours surrounded by strangers with the added excitement of heading off to somewhere great. Some children simply find it impossible to contain themselves – much to the distress of their parents and fellow passengers.

Here are a few ideas about what to take to keep the kids amused on their flight from Stansted Airport.

Eating – is always a bonus and not will not only help to keep them quiet but also the all important motion of chewing and swallowing which is so helpful at landing time. Try to avoid the sweets full of e-numbers which you just know transforms your little darlings into the Tasmanian Devil,

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Don’t Fancy the Drive to the Airport? Let the Train take the Strain

Many people enjoy the drive to the airport, booking in at the Short or Long Stay Car Park and rolling their luggage across the tarmac to their chosen destination. Other people, however, find the whole affair a complete nightmare from start to finish.

Although Stansted Airport is well sign posted and easily accessible from the M11 some people just prefer to sit back and let the train take the strain . . . whatever floats your boat (or train).

The train station at Stansted Airport is very easy to find, located just beneath the Terminal building and passengers can purchase

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Benefits of Booking a Stay in a Stansted Airport Hotel

There really are many different benefits to booking a night at a Stansted Airport Hotel – some you may have thought of but others might just surprise you. Let’s have a look;

Convenience – for one thing staying at a hotel at Stansted Airport eliminates the stress of getting caught in traffic and missing your flight. Early morning flights are no problem, just take a leisurely drive the night before and spend a relaxing evening in the Stansted Airport hotel before waking up bright and refreshed and ready for your onward journey. Some hotels are within walking distance of the terminal, others will provide an airport transfer service. Enjoy a stress free start to your journey, much better than getting up at 3 am for a long drive before getting stuck in rush hour traffic and worrying that you’re going to miss your plane.

Affordability – many hotels at Stansted airport have on-site parking and may even work out cheaper than booking for a separate long stay car parking space at the airport itself. Read More

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Finding a cheap flight from Stansted Airport

Saving money on your flightsEveryone loves a bargain, me included and it’s often the case that people nowadays are confident enough to source their own flights rather than going through a Travel Agent. Don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for a trip or a lifetime or want advice about a specific destination then going to a Travel Agent can be a great idea, but if on the other hand you are happy to put the time in yourself then you can research and book everything up online.

At Hotel Stansted we are passionate about helping our customers get the best deal without compromising on quality and one of the easiest ways to do that is through picking up a bargain on your flights to and from your destination. Both Ryan Air and Easy Jet fly from Stansted Airport, they tend to release their flights 6 months in advance. Read More

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Autumn Getaways

On the way to Stansted Airport

As we come into Autumn, the kids are back at school and we start thinking about Christmas approaching all too quickly, it can be an ideal time to plan a quick getaway. A weekend break away can be just the ticket for those parents that have had 6 weeks of trying to keep their children amused during the summer holidays. Give the grandparents a call and book a cheap flight and hotel and go away for the weekend.

Why not finish work on the Friday, drive up to Stansted and take advantage of an overnight stay and parking facilities at our hotels just outside Stansted. This way you can take an early flight without worrying about traffic or having to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning to get to Stansted Airport.

Some of our favourite great destinations for a weekend away are: Read More

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Hotel Stansted Update August 2013

Stansted Lodge ImageWell this is the busiest time of year for Stansted Airport and likewise for us, out hotels are bustling with excited holiday makers as much of Britain get away during the school holidays. There is a lot of debate about the pricing of package holidays during July and August which for some families can make it difficult for them to save up to go abroad on holiday and we have seen a lot of families staying closer to home and making use of the short haul flights available from the Airport.

We are continually working to improve our hotels and guest houses and if you have been by DeSalis Hotel lately you will have seen our new outside area. We have been blessed with fabulous weather over the last couple of months and our guests have certainly made the most of it. Read More

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Protecting Your Children from the Sun

Sun Protection on HolidaySo you are jetting away someone warm this summer, but how do you make sure that your children are safe in the sunshine. We get so little in the UK that we simply aren’t used to the heat or the sun’s rays, but we also know that Vitamin D is vital for us and that some exposure is a good thing.

Suntan lotion is the obvious protection to look to. Make sure you do some research about what will work best for your family, what SPF you need, whether you will be in and out of the swimming pool etc.

But it’s more than just buying suntan lotion, you need to make sure you apply it properly and regularly and get your children used to it. Read More

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Stansted Airport Redevelopment

Stansted Airport LoungeStansted Airport has announced that there is going to be an £80m investment in redeveloping its terminal building. The terminal opened in 1991 and is a modern, attractive piece of architecture which is often featured in TV and film shots.

Recently, the Airport was taken over by the Manchester Airports Group who is looking to improve facilities at the airport. The main area of investment is going to be new security facilities and an improved and more spacious departure lounge. Read More

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